Satellite internet brings high-speed connectivity to internet customers in underserved or hard-to-reach regions. AT&T has been a long-time provider of telephone and communications services. Currently, AT&T does not offer satellite internet service for residential internet customers. AT&T does provide some wireless internet to customers in limited remote regions. AT&T also partners with other companies to integrate satellite connectivity into some of its other services.

AT&T Offered Bundles with Satellite TV

Like many other communications companies, AT&T offers consumers bundled packages of phone, internet, and satellite tv services. AT&T has considerable cellular infrastructure and invested in expanding its network of high-speed internet fiber cables. After acquiring the satellite tv company DirecTV in 2015, AT&T spun off DirecTV, U-Verse, and AT&T TV into a separate company in 2021. AT&T customers can still choose from bundled packages that include satellite tv through DirecTV.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet for Rural Internet Customers

Though many companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Google have invested in fiber-optic cable internet connections, cost and labor have limited expansion to low-population rural or hard-to-reach areas. Many internet customers in these settings consider satellite internet as an option for high-speed connectivity.

For some regions, AT&T offers a kind of satellite internet service substitute – fixed wireless internet. Like satellite internet, this internet service doesn’t rely on lines or cables. Instead of having a dish installed, an antenna is installed at your residence. However, AT&T fixed wireless internet plans do charge customers for monthly data overages.

AT&T Satellite Broadband and Communications Connectivity

AT&T does have partnerships that allow for satellite connectivity and integration with its existing communications infrastructure. These partnerships include contracts with:

Inmarsat Government

AT&T’s FirstNet platform was built for integrated and prioritized first responder communications. The partnership brings Inmarsat satellite communications to FirstNet customers.


AT&T partnered with this company to strengthen connectivity for business customers, allowing business customers to track remote assets and devices. With this partnership, AT&T enhanced their cellular network coverage with satellite connectivity.


In 2021, AT&T gained access to low-orbit satellite connectivity by partnering with OneWeb, which has deployed a constellation of nearly 300 low-orbit satellites so far. AT&T plans to utilize the high-speed, low-latency satellite broadband for its remote and rural business, enterprise, and government customers.

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