The benefits of having DIRECTV entertain guests and team members include creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

DIRECTV gets high marks for signal reliability (99%) and as an overall benefit to their businesses from existing customers. Survey results from 1,000 businesses in the Fall of 2020 reported that 93% of the businesses surveyed said getting DIRECTV was a good business decision. Good news for remote businesses, too, because there are no geographical limitations to getting DIRECTV. Yes, Alaska, this means you.

How it works: DIRECTV is a satellite TV service for your business location that runs either on a telephone land line or on your internet connection. Once the dish and receiver are installed everything should function as expected with minimal interruptions.

An added benefit of DIRECTV is that your business will be covered under the requirements of the NFL for watching games inside a business establishment.

Bars and Restaurants

DIRECTV offers promotional rates for the first 12 months to get you on board for the required 24-month commitment. After the incentive period you’ll pay the regular rate for the base package you choose. DIRECTV is known for affordable rates. The investment in getting DIRECTV should add value to your business.

All DIRECTV packages require a 24-month commitment similar to legacy satellite internet. DIRECTV will provide professional standard installation of the equipment, which they will own and maintain. IF you require a complex customized setup then there will be an extra fee on to. The equipment will include a DIRECTV dish and receiver (including HD-quality for sports packages). The receiver has to be on a consistent connection to a land line or the internet. If you quit the deal prior to the 24-month period you’ll incur additional fees including being pro-rated $20 for the remaining unused month(s) on your contract.

Bars and restaurants can get the NFL Sunday Ticket to bring business in for the game and even repeat business later on. DIRECTV offers a range of options depending on how big your business is and the commitment level you choose. Payment amounts and due dates will depend on when you sign up prior to the NFL season start. The base packages range from approximately $80 per month up to $435 per month. Call DIRECTV at 888-303-9117 for a quote and details. Plus, if you agree for the monthly fee to be automatically paid you can get a $20 per month credit for 24 months. Games are shown in HD. You can have different games on at the same time, complete with score and game clock.

The sports packages are very attractive. For example, the Sports Pack option includes 40 channels covering college sports, international soccer, horse racing, fly-fishing, the Outdoor Channel and TVG. Something for just about everyone. These plans include the NFL Sunday Ticket: Business Select, Commercial Extra, Commercial Choice Plus, Commercial Entertainment, Commercial Mas Ultra and an option called NFL Sunday Ticket for Small Bars.

Check details with DIRECTV because you can also add music to your service as well as other types of programming. You can add ESPN, ESPN College, Showtime Champion Boxing, Major League Baseball (MLB) options and even an app that verifies a patron is over 21 years of age. HD viewing requires the HD equipment package.


DIRECTV offers packages for any size property that will provide guests with NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Special offers run throughout the year so you may be able to get one or more of these added for as low as $2.25 per room per month. To get these premiums you may be required to commit to a 3-year agreement or a 5-year agreement and be a new or renewing hospitality or institutions customer. Equipment is HD and 4K. With the COM3000 video solution guests will have up to 138 HD channel without there needing to be a receiver for each TV. An advanced entertainment platform offers on-demand content via an in-room set-top box.

Guests can also stream content from apps on their mobile devices to the in-room TV screen. This will work with HD DIRECTV systems and integrate with the existing wire setup. Guests will open the app on their phone, not on the TV; and upon checkout they’ll be disconnected. Call DIRECTV for information about how to order at 1-855-690-9884.

Traveling can be stressful especially now and it’s great to offer guests a full TV channel lineup in their room or suite just like they have at their home.

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