Can You Get Internet Through DirecTV?

DirecTV specializes in satellite TV, but it does not provide any internet connections. The technology for satellite dishes to transmit internet services and TV services are somewhat different, as TV satellite dishes depend more heavily on the receiving side, and internet satellite dishes also need to have strong signal sending capabilities.

If satellite TV is what you're looking for, DirecTV does a great job with tons of live channels, more sports than the nearest competitors (including regional sports), and premium channel options. DirecTV also launched a new streaming service recently, DirecTV Stream, so if you prefer on-demand watching, you can have that as well. However, if you specifically want internet, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Does DirecTV bundle with AT&T Fiber?

It looks that way, but this is just a marketing ploy. On the DirecTV website, you can see options for bundling your DirecTV satellite TV or DirecTV STREAM with AT&T Fiber. However, two minutes of investigation shows that they aren’t offering the user anything in the deal. There is zero discount, not even a penny. On top of that, the directions for bundling show that you have to sign up for each service separately. To summarize the DirecTV and AT&T bundle: sign up for DirecTV, then sign up for AT&T, and then you have both. Nothing to see here.

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