Viasat satellite internet gives you the same online access as other internet providers. Browse your favorite websites, bank, or even invest. The recent surge in investment apps, along with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency novelty, have both fueled interest in crypto investments.

Online with Viasat internet, you can buy crypto, choose a browser-based crypto wallet, and decide between a cryptocurrency exchange or broker. With crypto investments, take additional cybersecurity precautions beyond what you practice for regular online banking. Most U.S. states don’t regulate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Unlike a local U.S. bank, cryptocurrency exchanges are not currently protected by the FDIC, which insures bank deposits. With any volatile stock, it’s valuable to keep a diversified investment portfolio.

Cybersecurity in the Crypto Market

To buy cryptocurrency, you’ll make a few basic decisions; each has unique cybersecurity factors. Usually, you need to choose:

Select a legitimate browser-based crypto wallet (some scammers advertised fake crypto wallets). Crypto wallets have been targeted by malicious software, so create a unique password. It may seem convenient to store log-in information in your browser, but pen-and-paper records of your passwords may be a better barrier against malware. (Keeping physical record of passcodes is also important if you have a hardware “wallet,” because you will need your password to retrieve your cryptocurrency.)

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide hands-on buying and trading but aren’t as beginner-friendly. They can also be hacked and aren’t FDIC-insured. Cryptocurrency brokers like investment apps are easy to use, but you can’t always choose how your cryptocurrency is stored. Apps like Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal let users buy and sell some cryptocurrencies on their platforms. PayPal guarantees users cryptocurrency replacement in the event your account is hacked.

How Viasat Subscribers Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

Viasat Internet subscribers can strengthen online security with several practices.

In addition to these practices, consider installing reputable anti-malware software. Viasat also offers subscribers an additional service, Viasat Shield, to strengthen your security and privacy.

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