WildBlue internet service was provided by WildBlue Communications. WildBlue Communications was a Denver-based company that specialized in satellite communications. In 2001, WildBlue awarded two contracts to Viasat to build its satellite modems for the launch of its internet service. WildBlue began providing satellite internet service in 2004.

WildBlue Communications Acquired by Viasat

With the history of close business partnership between WildBlue and Viasat, it was announced in the fall of 2009 that Viasat would buy WildBlue Communications. Acquiring WildBlue was one of many global acquisitions by Viasat. Viasat completed the purchase of WildBlue in December 2009 for over $500 million.

With the purchase of WildBlue, Viasat gained its WildBlue-1 satellite as well as WildBlue’s use of the Anik F2 Telesat satellite. Viasat also gained WildBlue’s subscribers, which totaled more than 400,000 users.

Viasat Satellite Internet Service Launched as Exede

Viasat satellite internet residential service was launched under the name Exede in 2012. By 2014, Viasat introduced Exede Business satellite internet service. Like WildBlue satellite internet, Exede satellite internet provided high-speed internet access to underserved, rural, and remote regions.

WildBlue and Exede Internet Service Brands Retired under Viasat Internet

With the WildBlue-1 satellite one of the oldest in the fleet, its technology had become outdated. In 2017, Viasat retired the WildBlue branded service and invited WildBlue subscribers to switch over to its other existing internet services.

Viasat also retired its own Exede branding in 2017, streamlining its presence by renaming its residential and business service simply Viasat Internet. Eventually, Viasat closed its exede.net and wildblue.net email services in summer 2021.

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