Let's Compare HughesNet Gen4 vs HughesNet Gen5 1-855-690-9884

With the introduction of HughesNet Gen5 internet service, you can enjoy even faster speeds, more data, built-in Wi-Fi and more. You can do everything you did with your HughesNet Gen4 plan, but more efficiently. Let's compare HughesNet Gen4 and HughesNet Gen5 to find out how HughesNet is even better than before. To accurately compare both plans, let's start with speed.

How fast is HughesNet Gen4 Internet? 1-855-690-9884

According to HughesNet Gen4 reviews and feedback, our customers have been able to experience high-speed service with HughesNet Gen4 plans, but not at the same capacity as HughesNet Gen5. We've carefully considered each HughesNet Gen4 review in order to understand our customer's needs and improve our service. This feedback informed the decision-making in creating HughesNet Gen5, and we're thrilled to bring our customers a service that's faster than ever before.

How fast is HughesNet Gen5 Internet?

HughesNet Gen5 is equipped with the fastest satellite internet speeds available, offering up to 25 Mbps of speed on all plans. Depending on your needs, there are four packages available with data ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB, and an option for additional data. HughesNet Gen5 is the first to achieve the Federal Communications Commission's outlined broadband speeds of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads - a huge success!

HughesNet provides customers the ability to test their internet performance through the HughesNet Performance Testing website. If you want to find out exactly how fast your upload and download speeds are, try the HughesNet Gen4 speed test. If you've upgraded to our newest service, you will find that the speed test has been upgraded along with it. Now you can enjoy a seamless experience with the HughesNet Gen5 speed test.

To learn more, discover HughesNet Gen5 reviews and see what customers are saying about our updated service. We would love to hear how this upgrade has enhanced your life. Let us know what you think by writing a HughesNet Gen5 review.

What makes HughesNet Gen5 so much faster? 1-855-690-9884

With the launch of the new broadband satellite, EchoStar XIX, HughesNet Gen5 speed is the fastest satellite internet solution available. Because of this high-powered satellite, HughesNet Gen5 speeds are much quicker than the HughesNet Gen4 speed capabilities.

HughesNet Gen5 is much more than an enhancement to HughesNet Gen4; it triumphs over the competition. When looking at HughesNet Gen4 vs Exede and HughesNet Gen5 vs Exede, both HughesNet services are faster and more reliable than what Exede can provide. HughesNet service consistently delivers download speeds that are faster than advertised, while Exede delivers the opposite. Switch to HughesNet today and experience satellite internet that has the bandwidth to keep up with your busy life.

If you're curious about how much HughesNet satellite internet costs, you will be delighted to find that HughesNet Gen5 pricing is easier to understand than ever before. With HughesNet Gen5, we've taken the guesswork out of finding an internet package that's best for you. HughesNet Gen4 pricing was dependent upon your location, but now the same four HughesNet Gen5 plans are conveniently available nationwide. Enjoy a simple, streamlined process with four plans, four prices, and one set of speeds.

HughesNet Gen5 has plans that offer up to 50 GB of data per month, which is significantly more data than HughesNet Gen4 could offer. Additionally, the HughesNet Gen5 status meter offers a more thoughtfully designed tool than that of the HughesNet Gen4 status meter. With it, you can simply and easily monitor your data usage. Avoid slow load times and inconsistent speeds. Join the future of satellite internet today.

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