Windstream Internet - Affordable and Reliable

The question a lot of people ask is "Can I find internet near me?" What they really want is fast, reliable internet so they can read their social media feeds, play games, download movies and do all the things they want to do online. Windstream internet offers high-speed internet along with other services for residential and business customers.

Available Plans for Windstream High Speed Internet

Kinetic internet provides fast speeds and reliable connections when you choose Windstream internet plans. You can select the standard speed internet plan which provides internet speeds up to 15 Mbps. At this internet speed, you can browse the internet, send emails, check your social networks and do many of the everyday online tasks you enjoy.

Upgrade to one of the plans which offer 25 Mbps for even faster service. Use these Windstream internet plans for streaming music, downloading movies and gaming. Do everything you want with no delay. An internet speed test will help you determine what speed is available and necessary for your use.

Add the Wireless Gateway to any high speed internet plan with a monthly rental fee so you don't have to worry about equipment problems costing you money later on. This affordable service gives you peace of mind.

Installation of Windstream Internet

You have the option of professional installation or self-installation for your new internet service. If you choose to have a professional come to your home, they will set up a time that is convenient for you. They set up the wireless modem, new jacks if needed, and up to four peripheral devices so that you are connected when they leave.

If you choose to install the system yourself, the equipment is shipped for free to your location. While it does come with instructions, you also have technical assistance available 24 hours a day.

Save More with Bundles

You can save even more when you add Windstream internet to other products. You can bundle it with satellite TV with your choice of plans and free installation. Add unlimited phone service to your plan to increase the savings.

The Windstream internet bundles allow you to choose the level of programming you want for the TV through Dish Network. You can select the basic package all the way up to the maximum package which provides over 300 channels to keep you entertained.

Contact Windstream

You can connect with Windstream internet customer service for questions about the products, help with installation or other issues. One of the easiest ways to connect is through Live Chat. You can also call a department to meet your needs.

Internet support is available 24 hours a day. Read the FAQs for help with common questions, send an email or ask the virtual assistant. Connect through social media where you can find information from other customers or get answers from Windstream. Locate a nearby store for in-person help on your internet service.

To find out more about the company, you can read Windstream internet reviews from current customers. Learn how the company handles internet problems and what internet packages are available when you call.

You can choose Windstream business internet or residential internet to meet your needs. A Windstream internet speed test will tell you what speed is available in your area so you can enjoy fast, reliable service. Check out the different internet prices for a plan that fits your budget.

Get online with a company that can provide affordable, reliable internet service in your area. Let Windstream help you get connected for your home or business with Kinetic internet and the right service plan.

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