Torn between HughesNet vs. Frontier? Learn more about each of these internet service providers by exploring their plans, bundles, and reviews to see which high-speed internet fits your lifestyle and needs.

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Reliable, high-speed internet used to be just a dream for those living in rural areas outside of the city. Rural internet was notoriously slow, and internet plans were expensive. The thought of needing to compare HughesNet vs. Frontier internet was inconceivable because most places only had one internet option—if getting internet service was even possible.

Today, satellite internet is faster than ever. There are many satellite internet service providers, so no matter where you live in the US, internet is available. DSL providers like Frontier are expanding their coverage but depending on where you live, satellite internet from HughesNet may be faster. Decisions, decisions—HughesNet vs. Frontier internet?

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HughesNet satellite internet Gen5 plans have speeds of up to 25 Mbps without any hard data limits, built-in wireless internet, and the HughesNet price lock guarantee for two years. HughesNet internet plans are priced by data usage starting at 10 GB and going up to 50 GB. If you go over your data plan during the month, you won’t be charged any fees or have your service cut off; however, the speed will be reduced until the next billing cycle. If you need full-speed internet, you can purchase a data token. HughesNet customers are given 50GB of bonus data each month to use HughesNet internet service during the Bonus Zone, off-peak hours from 2 a.m.-8 a.m. Best of all, HughesNet offers free standard installation by a HughesNet technician for a limited time.

When comparing HughesNet vs. Frontier reviews, location is important. Actual Frontier internet speeds depend on how far you live from the Frontier hub because DSL uses existing phone lines to deliver internet service. Frontier internet plans start at 6 Mbps download speeds and go up to 18 Mbps. If you’re a light internet user, mainly browsing the internet on a single device and seldom streaming or downloading content, Frontier may be more affordable. The cheapest Frontier internet option is less expensive than the cheapest HughesNet option but Frontier internet speeds are slower. Frontier internet customer service is known for being reliable and helpful, so you may want to call Frontier customer service to determine the best options for you.

Internet for Gaming--HughesNet vs. Frontier DSL 1-855-690-9884

When deciding on HughesNet vs. Frontier internet for gaming, each provider has its pros and cons. HughesNet reviews report great news on turn-based games, but satellite internet does not typically work with multi-player role-playing games like shooter games or racing games. Even the fastest satellite internet service today has a slight latency of .05 seconds, which is not noticeable for everyday internet usage, but doesn’t work for these quick-decision games. Frontier internet reviews advise that you need 10-20 Mbps download speeds to play these games with DSL. The conclusion—if shooter games are essential, you may not be able to get the speed you need from HughesNet or Frontier internet, unless you live in an area with Frontier FiOS.

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