CenturyLink Internet for No Limits

CenturyLink offers high speed internet that is always ready and connected when you are. You can rely on fast internet service to keep you online. Whether you need internet service for your business or for use at home, you can turn to CenturyLink with a plan that's right for your needs.

Faster Internet Speeds

When searching for internet services, one of the key factors in your selection is sure to be the internet speed. You want something fast enough to make downloading movies, gaming or streaming music straightforward. You can use the CenturyLink internet speed test to find out what your area qualifies for.

CenturyLink internet offers plans with speeds up to 25 Mbps for streaming movies, shopping online and connecting on social media. It enables you to connect multiple devices with no lag time. You can also choose the plan with 40-80 Mbps for online gaming and streaming HD movies. Get still more with 100-140 Mbps for blazing fast speeds and connections for up to 10 devices. You may even qualify for 1 Gig, which will provide unbelievable service to keep you connected.

With the Price for Life plan, you pay the same price for as long as you have the same plan. There's no contract to sign and no hassle, just a great deal. You don't have to worry about a cancellation fee, but it wouldn't be a concern anyway with reliable fast internet service from CenturyLink.

Additional CenturyLink Internet Features

When you choose CenturyLink internet service, you get in-home WiFi so you can connect all of your devices. Everyone can be online whether they are playing games, browsing the web or touching base on social media.

Feel safe going online with CenturyLink @Ease, which offers multiple packages to provide the right amount of security and support. You may enjoy the benefits of one or more of the following:

Get More with CenturyLink Internet Bundles

You can stay connected in so many ways with one of the bundles CenturyLink offers to customers. Bundle your high speed internet with a home phone and get unlimited service for one low price. You also have the option of combining the internet with Prism TV service. If you want it all, you can combine all three services and make one payment for one of the best internet deals available.

These bundles are available as the Price for Life, which means you don't have to worry about rate hikes. You can count on your cost to make budgeting easier, as long as you keep the same plan.

How to Find Out More

Contact CenturyLink customer service to learn more about the different plans and bundles available in your area. You can ask about business internet and find out if it will meet your business needs. Compare internet prices for various products to find what fits in your budget.

If you have problems with service or connecting to your devices, you can utilize CenturyLink internet support to answer questions or find resolutions. You can also contact them if you experience a CenturyLink internet outage to get the latest information. If you want to know more about CenturyLink and the services it provides, you can check out the internet reviews from other customers.

We all want to be connected with fast speeds to surf the internet, check email, share photos, stream music or download movies. CenturyLink has great internet deals for you. Choose a plan that fits your budget and needs so that you can be connected with no limits and no regrets.

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