Zayo Group

Zayo Group Internet Providers

Zayo Group is a telecommunications company that specializes in providing a wide range of services to businesses and organizations. Zayo delivers enterprise internet and phone services in most states and in certain foreign countries. Their internet service is renowned for its high-speed and dependable connectivity solutions, catering specifically to the needs of businesses, data centers, and other enterprises. With a robust infrastructure and an extensive network spanning multiple countries and continents, Zayo operates a fiber-optic network that ensures fast and secure data transmission, meeting the demands of today's digital world.

By leveraging their extensive network infrastructure, Zayo offers various internet connectivity options tailored for businesses. These include dedicated internet access (DIA), Ethernet services, IP transit, and virtual private network (VPN) solutions. These services aim to provide scalable and reliable connectivity, enabling efficient data transfer, seamless communication, and enhanced network performance.

Zayo is recognized as the largest independent network provider in North America, boasting a dense, high-capacity metro fiber network that connects critical data centers in key markets across the US, Canada, and Europe. The extensive network offers multiple routing options within and between metro areas, ensuring maximum uptime and protection through diversity.

Whether businesses require multisite connections, dedicated internet access, high-performance bandwidth for end-user reach, private cloud access, or DDoS protection, Zayo offers packet services and solutions to meet a range of enterprise needs. Zayo delivers internet and phone services in most states and select foreign countries, offering fast speeds with an average download rate of 173 Mbps, while maintaining low latency.

Furthermore, Zayo provides comprehensive support for network infrastructure, including fiber and transport support. Leveraging their 16 million fiber-mile network, Zayo's Dark Fiber services serve as the foundation for network connectivity for leading global companies. With Zayo Dark Fiber, businesses maintain complete control over their network, allowing them to scale bandwidth while ensuring the highest levels of security. Zayo also offers strategic services for architecture, planning, network monitoring, mean time to recovery commitments, and uptime service level agreements (SLAs).

Key features of Zayo's internet service include uncontended, high-performance bandwidth, intelligent routing with multiple network paths for reliable traffic delivery, transparent service visibility through a customer portal, carrier partnerships to extend reach, reduced latency and outages through regional peering capacity, and a top-tier network with 16 million fiber miles and a fully redundant MPLS backbone.

Zayo's WAN services enable businesses to create a customized, secure communications network across multiple sites, reducing costs and minimizing the need for internal resources. With dedicated 100Gbps access speeds as standard, Zayo's WAN services are available worldwide in over 120 countries and territories, offering multiple connectivity options to reach off-net customer sites.

CloudLink, another service provided by Zayo, enables direct connectivity to cloud service providers without the need for a data center, offering enhanced security, performance, and cost savings compared to public internet connections. Additionally, Zayo offers DDoS protection services to safeguard businesses against increasing DDoS attacks, proactively identifying and mitigating threats before they impact critical applications.

Whether you need multisite connections, a dedicated Internet connection, high-performance bandwidth to reach end users, private access to the cloud, or DDoS protection, Zayo has Packet Services and solutions to meet a range of enterprise needs.

Zayo provides comprehensive support for network infrastructure through its Fiber & Transport services. Leveraging a vast network of 16 million fiber miles, Zayo's Dark Fiber services serve as the fundamental backbone for some of the world's largest and most innovative companies. With Zayo Dark Fiber, you have complete control over your network, allowing you to scale bandwidth while ensuring the utmost security for your enterprise.

In addition to Dark Fiber, Zayo offers strategic services for architecture and planning, as well as crucial tactical support such as network monitoring, committed mean time to recovery, and uptime service level agreements (SLAs). Over the past decade, Zayo has been at the forefront of upgrading, fortifying, and expanding its network infrastructure to provide customers with improved latency, uptime, and reach.

Zayo's advanced core infrastructure ensures network stability by providing multiple paths to efficiently handle your traffic. The customer portal grants you access to performance data and more.

Zayo Ethernet Services are designed to assist carriers in extending their reach so as to expand network coverage. Zayo's network management reduces latency, ensures resilience during outages, and proactively increases capacity when utilization reaches 50 percent.