The Conneaut Telephone Company


The Conneaut Telephone Company (CTC) is a locally-owned and operated Internet service provider that was founded in 2001, serving a rural area near Conneaut, Ohio. CTC specializes in providing residential and business services. Its coverage area includes the towns of Middlefield, Kingsville, Williamsfield, and parts of Monroe, Pierpont, and Sheffield.
CTC offers a reliable fiber-optic connection with speeds up to 1 GBPS. Its services are tailored to a variety of customers—from residential customers to businesses, colleges, and medical facilities. Additionally, the company provides VoIP phone service and data networks with its own equipment.
The company's customer service is rated highly, and it offers various plans tailored to individual needs and budgets. CTC plans are extremely affordable and feature fast speeds and consistent uptime. The customer support is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.