T-Mobile is a Germany-based telecommunications services provider founded in 1994. It is primarily known for providing millions of customers worldwide with mobile phone services, including voice and text messaging. The company also provides fast mobile broadband internet access to customers in the US, UK and several other countries.
T-Mobile's network covers over 99% of the US with reliable, high-speed LTE access. It offers customers 4G LTE speeds with no throttling, as well as seamless voice and text coverage. It offers various cost-effective plans with unlimited data, discounts for people over 55, and discounts for military personnel. In addition, its 5G network provides customers with even higher speeds and more capacity.
The company's customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is well-known for its friendly and efficient service. It offers a wide variety of support services for customers needing assistance, including technical support, customer service, and troubleshooting.