Shentel Telecom


Founded in 1902, Shentel Telecom (Shenandoah Telecommunications Company) is a regional communications provider in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. Shentel has been providing reliable telecommunications services to their customers for over 115 years. Shentel Telecom provides a variety of services, including residential and business Internet, phone, video, and cellular services to more than 166,000 business and residential customers in Virginia, West Virginia, and the five surrounding states.
Shentel's service areas include the southwestern part of Virginia, western part of West Virginia, as well as parts of Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Shentel also has a diverse Fiber Optic Network, which enables them to offer their customers high-speed broadband capabilities. Shentel's reliable service is available in over 300 cities, towns, and rural areas in the region.
When it comes to services, Shentel offers various data, video, and voice service options, including DSL, Fiber Optic, Hybrid Fiber, Cable, and U-verse services. They also have numerous cellular and cell phone plans and options available. Shentel's reliability is top-notch, with 99.9% service availability, 99.9% up-time, and on-time service delivery. They also have extremely fast speeds, up to 10Gbps download and up to 500Mbps upload speeds.