RockSolid is an Internet service provider (ISP) founded in 2014 that specializes in providing stable, reliable, and fast service to residential, small business, and enterprise customers located nationwide. They use Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology to deliver symmetrical download and upload bandwidth with zero data limits, making it ideal for uploading large files. The company offers speeds up to 1Gbps with some customization options.
In terms of coverage areas, RockSolid services are currently available in over 34 states from coast to coast. As for reliability, their network offers advanced routing and real-time monitoring, ensuring your connection is always available and secure.
For customer service, RockSolid offers 24/7 customer support in English and Spanish, with helpful articles on their website to provide additional information. There are also detailed installation guides, so you can get set up quickly and easily.