NeboNet is a full-service Internet provider, established in 1992, with headquarters in Winnsboro, South Carolina. They offer connectivity solutions to residential and business customers throughout South Carolina with both DSL and Fiber services. Their coverage area includes most of the state, with the exception of some rural areas. NeboNet is a reliable Internet provider, with high-speed connections and excellent customer service.
Their range of plans and services is quite extensive. For residential customers, they offer a range of speeds up to 50 Mbps with unlimited data. The plans are also flexible with no contracts. For business customers, NeboNet offers a reliable, secure connection up to 10 Gbps with priority customer support and a range of advanced features like wifi, managed router hardware and backup connections.
In terms of reliability, NeboNet has maintained a high level of up-time and availability. In terms of speeds, they offer the fastest connection available in many areas and consistently deliver speeds near or above the advertised packages.