Mechcom Dot Net

Categories: is an internet service provider (ISP) from Northern United States that specializes in small business internet plans since 1997. It mainly serves commercial clients from Maine to Washington, DC, but also offers residential plans in certain areas. The company offers fast speeds up to 1 gigabit and customers have the option of several unlimited data plans. It offers reliable fiber and broadband options and also several feature like static IP addresses and 1-year professional email hosting. Additionally, Mechcom is HIPAA compliant and offers network monitoring and security. is known for its great customer service and impressive uptime of up to 99.9% with its fiber services. In terms of plans, Mechcom offers several different packages according to client requirements. It offers a wide range of prices for basic low-speed connections as well as enterprise-level speeds and performance. The company’s coverage area extends from Maine to Washington, DC and covers most of the states in between. The service provides 24/7 tech support as well as real-time monitoring of its networks.