Heavenwirenet is a Top-tier Internet Service Provider (ISP) that was founded in 2015. They provide high-speed internet, fiber-optic options and wireless solutions to both residential and business customers in the Central West Coast region of the United States. Their coverage area extends from California to Washington.
Heavenwirenet offers high speed internet up to 250 Mbps with 24/7 customer service and a 99.9% uptime reliability promise. They also provide extra features such as parental controls, static IPs, free text alerts, and they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Customers can also supplement their services with items such as additional IPs or a managed router for extra security.
Heavenwirenet offers a variety of monthly internet plans ranging from basic 10 Mbps packages up to 300 Mbps and even fiber-optic and wireless services for those who need faster speeds. Their customer service is top notch, with 24/7 phone and online support. They also have a wide variety of downloads and tutorials available to handle most customer inquiries without the need of a service call.