FreedomNet Solutions


FreedomNet Solutions is an internet service provider based in Michigan with state-of-the-art coverage throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio. Founded in 2002, FreedomNet Solutions offers a wide range of internet services designed to meet the needs of its residential and business customers across Michigan and Northern Ohio.
FreedomNet Solutions provides voice and data services, including fixed wireless internet, fiber and DSL. Their service solutions include high-speed internet, business phone systems, hosted PBX, and more. They offer reliable, secure, and high-speed internet services with speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps, depending on the package you select. They also offer dependable customer service with local technicians available to answer any questions or concerns.
In addition to their residential and business services, FreedomNet Solutions also offers discounted and flexible plans for those on low incomes, along with other ancillary services such as web hosting, security monitoring, and email hosting. They also offer an industry-leading wireless network with coverage in Michigan and northern Ohio.