Cogent Communications


Cogent Communications, founded in 1999, provides internet services for businesses, including high-speed internet access, data center hosting, private networks, VoIP services, Ethernet services, and more. Cogent Communications delivers these services to more than 200 markets across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America through their core network, which spans more than 140,000 routes. This network allows them to offer superior speeds and maximum uptime reliability. Cogent customers have access to up to 10Gps of bandwidth. Their speeds are consistently some of the highest in the business internet industry. All Cogent plans include built-in redundancy, which ensures reliable communications even if your primary connection is down. Cogent provides a comprehensive suite of customer service offerings, including technical support, online account management, real-time monitoring, help desk services, and more. Additionally, they offer scalable internet plans, making it easier for businesses to grow and increase or decrease their bandwidth on the fly.