Amplex Wireless
Established in 2002, Amplex Wireless is one of the leading internet service providers in the Midwest. The company provides a resilient and reliable internet connection to a broad area in Ohio and Indiana. Amplex's primary services are internet service, ranging from cable to wireless connections. They also provide voice and custom services for businesses. Amplex's coverage footprint is vast, reaching parts of Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Its usual service areas include urban and rural locations, making it an ideal provider for those who are not located in densely populated centers. The company is rated for its high reliability. It provides competitive speeds of up to 1Gbps, guaranteeing consistent connection speeds to its users. The customer service from Amplex is top-notch and highly appreciated by its users. It has versatile plans for both residential and business users, all tailored according to their individual needs and budget. The plans also come with different levels of commitment of services, allowing users the flexibility to choose the best plan for them.