ACI Global
ACI Global, founded in 1989, is a satellite internet services provider based in the United States. They provide coverage across the United States and Australia and offer a variety of services ranging from basic internet access to high-speed satellite connections. Their coverage area includes residential and business customers spread across the United States and Australia. Services provided range from basic data plans to high-speed plans with speeds of up to 15Mbps. These plans come in different tiers to suit the customer's needs. Reliability of the service is ensured through 24/7 customer service and backup batteries, as well as the help of its highly experienced technical support team. Their customer service is available via phone or email. In terms of their plans, they offer basic and advanced packages. Basic packages include data speeds of up to 15Mbps and come with no data caps. Advanced packages come with higher data speeds and are better suited for heavier users. They also offer business plans which include technologies that business customers need, such as file sharing and video streaming capabilities.