Satellite Internet Service in Ohio

Find the Best Satellite Internet Provider in Ohio

Trying to find the best internet provider in Ohio? There are many internet providers, giving you more options than ever! Internet is an important part of our daily lives. People use internet for work, to watch movies and TV, check emails, interact on social media, and to surf the web. Your location will determine which internet providers in Ohio are available. Over 90 percent of people in Ohio have access to wired internet, and more than 80 percent have access to high speed internet. Satellite internet brings high speed internet to those who live in rural areas of Ohio without access to traditional internet.

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Determining the best internet service provider in Ohio for you depends on your internet usage and location. Today most internet is broadband, which has replaced dial-up. Broadband is high speed internet that is always on. You can use the phone and the internet at the same time, unlike with dial-up. The types of broadband internet in Ohio are fiber optic, DSL, wireless, cable, and satellite internet. If you’re a heavy gamer, love streaming content, or have multiple users in your house, internet speeds are going to be a major concern. If you’re a light internet user, mainly sending emails, downloading a few pictures, using social media, and searching, then speeds are typically less important, and price may be a determining factor.

There are many internet service providers in Ohio, offering different types of connections and speeds. To make the search a little easier, a list of service providers in Ohio that are popular for each type of broadband internet follows.

The Ohio internet provider map will help you see which providers are servicing your area. Providers can change by zip code.

Fiber Optic Internet in Ohio

Fiber optic internet is currently the fastest form of broadband internet available. Fiber optic internet allows multiple devices to stream HD content at once without having to worry about buffering. It uses fiber optic cables to transmit data. Fiber optic cables can quickly handle large amounts of data over greater distances than traditional copper cables. Fiber optic internet is typically more expensive and currently only available in bigger cities, where the fiber optic cables have been established.

Popular Fiber Optic Providers

AT&T- Speeds up to 1000 Mbps download
Starting at $80/month with 12-month agreement

CenturyLink- Speeds up to 80 Mbps download
Starting at $85/month

Other Fiber Providers - Speeds up to 1000 Mbps download
Starting at $70/month

DSL Internet in Ohio

The most popular internet option is DSL in Ohio. DSL connection uses existing telephone lines, making it widely available. It is the new and improved dial-up, with fast speeds, and customers can use the phone and internet at the same time. DSL internet is more reliable and faster for customers located near the DSL service provider. Customers living farther away may see slower speeds. Since DSL uses telephone lines, many providers offer discounts when bundling with telephone services.

Popular DSL Providers:

Frontier- Speeds up to 25 Mbps download
Starting at $19.99/month for the first year, $34.99 for the second year

Earthlink- Speeds up to 15 Mbps
Starting at $14.95/month for the first three months

AT&T- Speeds up to 50 Mbps
Starting at $40/month with 12-month agreement

Wireless Internet in Ohio

Wireless internet providers in Ohio use cell towers to transmit data via radio waves. The connection is wireless, using a wireless router. It is the same connection a Smartphone would use. Customers can access 4G data (sometimes only 3G depending on the location) on all their devices in their home. The plans are priced based on data usage, rather than speed. 4G download speeds average around 18.6 Mbps and 3G average around 4.3 Mbps.

Popular Wireless Providers:

FreedomPop- One-time activation fee of $19.99

Karma Wireless- Starting at $49.99 for 5 GB of data to use for 3 months

Data Jack- Starting at 4.99/month

Cable Internet in Ohio

Cable internet uses cable lines, the same lines that deliver cable television to homes. It is typically faster than DSL internet, but there are many different variables than can slow average speeds. Speeds can be affected by the number of people in the area using the internet, speed throttling, customer home networks, and location. Cable internet providers in Ohio often offer bundling deals when combining cable internet and television services.

Popular Cable Providers:

Spectrum- Speeds up to 60 Mbps download
Starting at $29.99/month with 12-month agreement and telephone and TV bundle

Xfinity- Speeds up to 200 Mbps download
Starting at $24.99/month with 12-month agreement

Wow- Speeds up to 100 Mbps download
Starting at $29.99/month with 12-month agreement

Satellite Internet in Ohio

Satellite internet providers in Ohio bring high speed internet to those living in remote areas, where DSL and cable are not available. Satellite internet uses satellites to send data, so customers do not need any existing infrastructure. The customer places a small satellite dish outside with a clear view of the sky. The dish sends data to one of the satellites orbiting Earth. This large satellite sends the data to the satellite dish located at the internet provider’s hub. Satellite internet speeds aren’t as fast or stable as traditional wired internet, but are often the only options in rural areas. Reliability can be affected by storms, which can block the signals from transmitting.

Popular Satellite Providers:

Exede- Speeds up to 25 Mbps download
Starting at $30/month for the first three months and 50$/month thereafter

HughesNet- Speeds up to 25 Mbps download
Starting at $49.99/month with 24-month agreement

Find the Best Internet Providers In Ohio

If you’ve recently moved to Ohio or are in the process of moving, you’ll be looking for the best internet service providers in Ohio so that you can get connected and online for work or for play. There are numerous options available based on your needs. Whether you’re searching for DSL or cable internet in Ohio or any broadband internet in Ohio, you’ll find multiple providers competing for your business.

Understand Your Options for the Best Internet Provider in Ohio

Do a little research, and you’ll quickly discover different kinds of internet service. You can select one of the cable internet providers in the state that provide internet service through the same wires that connect cable television. Most homes are already wired for this option and an installer will quickly set you up so you can get online.

A popular internet service option is DSL in Ohio. This service utilizes your phone lines to provide access to faster internet service. It allows you to receive phone calls, even when you’re online, unlike dial-up. While it isn’t as fast as other types of broadband internet, it is usually reliable and provides fast enough service for many residential users.

Cable is a faster option than DSL and is usually more reliable so you can get online whenever you need to. You can often bundle cable internet with cable television to pay with one bill, usually saving money over purchasing each service separately.

You’ll find several satellite internet providers in Ohio. Satellite internet is ideal for those who live in areas where other types of internet service can’t be accessed. This type of service transmits internet signals from a satellite in outer space to a satellite dish attached to your home. While satellite internet service is fast and reliable, it is more affected by weather and subject to other interruptions than DSL or cable. It may be slower in certain areas, as well.

The latest internet technology is available in parts of the state, so you will want to look into fiber optic internet in Ohio. It is the fastest and most reliable method of internet service you can find. Fiber optic internet is often found in the major cities and some larger towns, so be sure to inquire about high speed internet providers in Ohio. It will continue to be more accessible as fiber optic wires are laid in other areas.

Get Online Today

If you need to get online for work, for school or for play, you need to contact one of the high-speed internet providers in Ohio to find out about the various plans available. You can research the different companies that offer DSL, cable or another type of broadband internet service. Compare plans offered by the Ohio internet providers, as well as pricing.

Many of these companies show you a Ohio internet provider map to show which areas they service. Once you know your options, you can narrow down your preferences based on cost, speed or other criteria. In some rural locations, you may be limited on your choice, but the options have improved significantly, making it much more likely that you can utilize the best internet service provider in Ohio.

When you look at the list of internet providers in Ohio, remember that some may offer plans with limits on data. With some of these plans, you may have to purchase extra credits to stay online, if you go over. In other internet plans, you may experience a slowdown of speed while still retaining access to the internet. Other providers may feature unlimited internet, which is ideal if you’re a heavy user.

With more people accessing the internet at home, more Ohio internet providers are offering multiple plans and packages. You can bundle your internet service with television or phone service to help you save money. Just think of all the things you can do once you get online:

  • Play games with friends or online gamers
  • Send and receive emails
  • Download files and music
  • Stream live TV and movies
  • Video chat with family who live far away
  • Research information for school papers
  • Connect to the office and work from home

When you choose one of your options for wireless internet providers Ohio, you can connect all of your devices so you can be online anytime. You’ll discover how convenient it is to take your device with you around the house and still stay connected.

Take the time to research your options for internet service providers Ohio. Find the plan that is right for your needs and your budget so you can be connected when you want and do what you want. With so many choices, every business and household can find the best internet service provider in Ohio.

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