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Get local TV with DIRECTV. Choose from plans with local news, regional sports, top TV shows and popular channels. Find your best plans and pricing for DIRECTV with or without Satellite.

DIRECTV makes it easy to watch TV with or without a Satellite. Whether you connect to DIRECTV via a Satellite or connect over your existing high-speed internet service DIRECTV makes it easy to watch the channels and programs you want most.

The power of DIRECTV starts with the sleek Gemini receiver that is easy to set up and use. It comes with a remote. Gemini will wirelessly integrate your TV viewing with your favorite third-party apps like Netflix, HBO Max™, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount + and more.

You need a Google account to use Gemini because Google powers the search feature and voice command. You’ll also need to set up subscriptions to any third-party apps you want to you and log into those accounts for Gemini to integrate them. If you want to add new apps you will have convenient access to Google Play store on Gemini.

Use voice commands to select apps or channels to watch or even use it to search Google for streaming content or live shows. For example, tell it to turn on Netflix or YouTube for streaming videos, movies, and series.

Gemini connects wirelessly and delivers advanced 4K quality viewing on your 4K-pixel devices. On certain channels you can also go back for up to 72 hours to watch shows you missed.

DIRECTV is the best option hands down for college sports. ESPN College Extra on DIRECTV lets you watch year-round college sports coverage for football, basketball, baseball, softball and more. It’s a dream come true for fans. Get all the action for college sports. Make sure to mention your favorite teams, league, and conference when you sign up so you get the perfect package for the specific college sports coverage you want from Day One.

DIRECTV plans start at $64.99 per month excluding taxes and fees. If you sign up now you can lock that price in for two years.

All plans require AutoPay and Paperless Billing for the lowest price. There is an Advanced

Receiver Service Fee of $15 per month on all plans. Regional sports networks vary by ZIP code and by package and are up to $13.99 per month extra. DIRECTV by Satellite requires a two-year agreement and then are month-by-month at the going rate. Blackout restrictions apply.

DIRECTV plans range from $64.99 per month up to $154.99 per month (excluding tax and fees) depending on the content you choose. Prices are guaranteed for two years. Pricing is as of January 2023.

DIRECTV Entertainment Plan is $64.99 per month and comes with 75+ channels via Internet or 165+ channels via Satellite. AMC, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, Nickelodeon and others, plus local channels, are included. First Gemini DVR device is included. Promotional offers on premium networks are available to accept or decline.

DIRECTV Choice Plan is $84.99 per month and comes with 105+ channels via internet or 200+ channels via Satellite. It includes specialty sports like ACC Network, Big Ten Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, SEC Networks, and others. It comes with Regional Sports Networks for local team coverage based on ZIP code. Promotional offers on premium networks are available to accept or turn down.

DIRECTV Ultimate Plan is $109.99 per month and gives you 140+ channels via internet or 270+ channels via Satellite. You also will get additional sports channels and movie channels like CBS Sports Network, Discovery family, FX Movie Channel, NHL Network, STARZ® Encore and others. Promotional offers on premium networks are available to either say yes or no to as suits your need.

DIRECTV Premier is $154.99 per month and will give you the most of everything. You will get 150+ channels via the internet and 340+ via Satellite. With this plan you HBO Max™ SHOWTIME®, STARZ® and Cinemax®. It comes with the regional sports networks for local team coverage. Promotional offers on premium networks are available to opt into based on your preference.

Sports fans take note: NFL SUNDAY TICKET is moving out-of-market games to YouTubeTV for the 2024 season. You can use Gemini to sign up for YouTubeTV to have this integrated by Gemini.

Additional Fees for DIRECTV: Activation is $20. First DVR is free, but any additional DVRs are $7 per month each. The regional sports fee is approximately $12 per month. Taxes are extra.

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