How Much Does Viasat Throttle Internet Speeds?

Satellites, like all internet infrastructure, have limited bandwidth that can only handle a certain amount of data at a time. If there are thousands of people using the same satellite at the same time, at some point the satellite is going to reach maximum capacity and not be able to offer any more service. The solution to this problem is to limit the bandwidth of customers who have gone over their monthly data allowance. This ensures that there is always enough bandwidth to provide the speeds promised by each customer’s internet plan.

How Viasat throttles speed is a little different - and some might argue, better - than how other internet providers do it. HughesNet, for example, automatically slows your download speed down to 1 to 3 Mbps. That’s painfully slow. It’s enough to browse a few slow-opening websites, but even that wouldn’t be a fun experience. Viasat, on the other hand, simple deprioritizes your data behind user who haven’t gone over their limit. They reserve bandwidth to provide the promised speeds to those who are below their monthly data allowance, and then what’s remaining can be used for those who have gone over. What this means is that your speeds will be noticeably slower during times of higher network traffic, but the difference will be smaller at times of day when not many people are using the internet.

The only way to guarantee that your speeds don’t get slowed is to stay under your data allowance. Monitor and manage your data to make sure you always have enough to keep going throughout the month. And if that’s still not enough, consider calling Viasat and upgrading to a new plan.

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