XFINITY Internet Has the Speed You Need

XFINITY offers many different internet plans to fit your specific needs and budget. Whether you're looking for an internet only service for browsing with occasional streaming or lightning fast speeds for zero-buffering streaming on multiple devices, there is a plan for you. WiFi allows you to surf the web on your computer, tablet, or cellphone, and depending on your plan, multiple devices can be used at one time while maintaining internet speed.

XFINITY internet is high speed DSL internet. DSL internet uses existing telephone lines to connect services, making it widely available and reliable. Customers can talk on a landline while using the internet without any interruption. XFINITY also offers television, voice, home security, and mobile, which can be bundled with internet services.

Internet prices vary based on internet speeds. Higher speeds are required for multiple devices, HD streaming, and downloading. XFINITY's current internet deals all offer free professional installation, starting at $24.99/month for 10 Mbps. If you're looking for heavier usage, Internet speeds go up to 250 to 250 Mbps, and can support 12+ devices at one time.

Current XFINITY Internet Deals

Performance Internet Starter
$24.99/month with 1 year agreement ($19.99/month with Autopay and Ecobill)
Up to 10 Mbps and 1-2 devices

Performance Internet
$44.99/month with 1 year agreement ($29.99/month with Autopay and Ecobill)
Up to 60 Mbps and 5 devices

Internet Plus + speed increase to Blast!
$39.99/month with no term agreement
Up to 75 Mbps and 8 devices
HBO included

Other internet plans:

25-55 Mbps
Average content streaming like Netflix or Hulu, with music and photo downloads. Can support 2-5 devices at one time.

70-100 Mbps
Higher speeds support more devices (6-8 at one time). Shows and large files are downloaded faster.

150-200 Mbps
More than 8 devices can be used at one time, with HD streaming. Shows can be downloaded in seconds. This plan supports multiplayer gaming.

250-250 Mbps
The highest internet plan can support 12+ devices with heavy usage and fast speeds. This is the best plan for multiplayer gaming.

Get the Fastest Internet Speeds Available

If you're looking for even higher speeds, Comcast internet offers up to 1 Gbps for businesses. Comcast Business offers no data caps, many different bundling options, 24/7 customer support, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free installation where available.

Internet plus allows you to watch live TV, including HBO, as well as local channels like ABC, NBC and FOX. You can also watch live sports and movies with Streampix. You may choose to have 10+ or up to 260+ plus channels with your internet plan. Talk with XFINITY internet customer service to learn more about bundling your TV and internet service.

XFINITY internet speed can depend on location and equipment used. For around $10/month, customers can rent the XFINITY xFi Gateway, which is a combined modem and internet router. You can connect to the internet and use WiFi with one piece of equipment. Customers also have the option of purchasing their own compatible equipment.

XFINITY internet packages are designed around internet usage and habits. Lighter packages are perfect for customers who primarily browse the web, stream some content, and do not regularly download files other than music. Higher speeds can support multiple devices at one time, and offer faster content streaming, downloads and gaming.

XFINITY Customer Service Can Help

In the event of an internet outage, customers with XFINITY internet packages of 25 Mpbs and up can connect to a local XFINITY WiFi Hotspot, using their login information. Customers with other packages can purchase demand passes hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly. Local hotspots can be found online or via through the XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app. During storms and power outages, XFINITY works hard to restore services quickly.

If you need internet help, XFINITY internet customer support is available online or in person at a local XFINITY store or service center. You can troubleshoot with common questions and issues, or chat online with a Comcast XFINITY internet agent for personalized support.

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