The internet industry is booming these days, and simply searching for the internet service that will work best for you can be a bit overwhelming. From the many bundling options to different internet packages, there are tons of choices for internet out there—so how do you know which one is the best choice for you? Don’t be fooled by promises of lightning fast internet that sound too good to be true. Find a trustworthy service like Viasat internet to keep your home connected to the internet. Competitors will promise you high-speed internet, but the services of Cox Internet and others come with limitations—most notably, limited availability. Viasat (formerly Exede) internet service delivers affordable internet with top notch speeds and reliability, and it’s available almost anywhere. When it comes to Viasat vs. Cox, Viasat internet plans set the gold standard for consistent speed, availability and cost alike.

Viasat vs. Cox: Pricing and Plans

Comparing Viasat vs. Cox plans can be valuable when deciding between the two internet service providers—you can learn a lot about which option is right for your household. You will want to consider making a list of priorities when it comes to your specific needs to help sort out the differences between the two providers. One of the first things to look at is your budget to decide which internet service provider will best fit your needs. For example, Cox internet prices start as low as $29.99 per month for 10 Mbps download speed. Viasat internet prices, on the other hand, tend to start around $50 per month for 12 Mbps of speed. You may be thinking that Cox internet plans are priced better—however, you will need to read the details of each individual plan to fully understand what you are paying for. Viasat internet deals include added features like a free data zone during off hours that do not take up any additional data—you truly can enjoy unlimited data for a reasonable price. As you compare Viasat vs. Cox, remember that internet service must be available in your exact location for it to even be an option!

Price is undoubtedly a major factor when it comes to deciding which internet provider to select—you will certainly want to contemplate spending more than $100 per month for something like Cox Gigablast. While this offers high speeds, be sure to read Cox internet reviews to fully understand the service you are paying for, and to better understand the likelihood of a Cox internet outage—likewise, be sure to read Viasat internet reviews to get an idea of the speeds you can enjoy with Viasat satellite internet. Find locations served by Viasat and Cox internet and do a speed test as you compare Viasat vs. Cox. You will also want to check Viasat or Cox internet promotions and take advantage of any discounts that may be available.

Viasat vs. Cox: Bundling Options and Customer Service Are Important

While Cox Communications offers services worthy of an internet user’s consideration, such as Cox residential services, Viasat internet speeds and prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Viasat customer service is one of the best on the market, and you can rely on Viasat internet support to help you out with installation, any technical issues, or should you find Viasat internet not working. Additionally, you’ve probably considered bundling to simplify your billing and save a bit of cash each month—comparing Viasat vs. Cox bundling makes the choice clear. While both offer viable bundling options, Viasat internet bundling includes TV service by DIRECTV, as well as voice options. It’s the perfect combination of broadband internet with television and phone service.

A Viasat vs. Cox comparison poses a dilemma for folks deciding which internet service is best for them—whether you need rural internet, internet for gaming, or simply just access to the internet for your family, the choice will become clear. As always, you will want to check availability before you make a firm commitment one way or the other—Viasat internet availability and Cox internet availability vary widely depending on where you live. You can check the Viasat internet coverage tool or the Cox internet coverage map to see what options might be available in your area—Viasat or Cox internet customer service will help you confirm availability. Make your initial choice and call today to keep yourself online, all day, every day!

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