What Equipment Do You Need for Viasat?

Everything you need for your new Viasat internet service will be provided by Viasat. This equipment will include a satellite dish, with transceiver and bracket mount, a Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway, which acts as your modem, Wi-Fi router, and VoIP device (if you’ve signed up for Viasat Voice), and the cables necessary for connecting all the equipment together. If you are installing this on property you do not own, please check with the property owner before installation.

The equipment will include up to 150 feet of RG-6 cable for connecting your satellite dish to your modem, along with whatever pole or other mounting equipment might be needed. The Viasat service technician will thread the cable through a hole in the wall or floor to reach your Viasat modem. If there is no existing hole, the technician can make one suitable for the cable. While you may opt for your own router, you must use Viasat’s modem and antenna. When you sign up for Viasat internet, you will schedule a time for the Viasat professional service technician to come to your location for installation. Viasat does not offer a self-installation option.

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