100 GB of data is more than enough for most users. Depending on the activities you do online, how frequently you’re connected, and how many people in your household are connected at the same time, 100 GB could be plenty. Let’s look at the details.

If all you’re doing is surfing websites, your 100 GB will last you for about 10,000 hours before running out. If you find a way to surf the web for over 300 hours per day, then you might surpass your total. This means that for a casual internet user, 100 GB is way more than enough.

As the activities become more media-intense, the data usage grows significantly. Social media, for example, uses quite a bit more than general web browsing. However, with 100 GB, you should still be able to browse social media for over 600 hours per month. That gives you more than 20 hours per day, which is plenty.

Video-streaming is where the data usage begins to grow even more. Streaming in standard definition will give you around 140 hours per month with 100 GB. While that’s almost 5 hours a day, it’s possible to reach the limit if you have multiple people in your household streaming content regularly. This is especially true if anyone is streaming in HD, which uses over four times as much data as SD.

As long as you don’t have multiple people streaming on a regular basis, and as long as no one is streaming in HD, 100 GB should be more than enough data for your household.

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