This depends. The standard contract when signing up with Viasat internet lasts for 24 months. You can cancel your Viasat internet at any point during that time, but it will require breaking the contract. The fee for doing so is $15 per month for each month remaining in the contract. If you have one year left, that’s $180. If you have one month left, that’s only $15.

If you don’t want to make that 24-month commitment and just want to try Viasat out for a few months, you can opt for the No Long-Term Contract option. This requires a $300 upfront fee, but you can cancel your service any time you want for no charge. After the 24-month contract, all customers can pay for their Viasat services one month at a time.

Cancellation and Returning Equipment

If you choose to cancel your Viasat service, Viasat will pay for the return of all leased equipment. You will receive a complimentary equipment box in the mail from UPS with instructions for packaging and returning the equipment, which will include the modem, the TRIA on the satellite dish, and the connecting cables. While the shipment of the equipment is covered, if you fail to return it within 30 days, the payment method on account with Viasat will be charged. Unreturned modems will cost the customer $150, and unreturned TRIAs will cost an additional $150, unless you are a Viasat-2 customer. In that case, your Viasat Gateway modem will cost $50 if unreturned and the TRIA will cost $250 if unreturned.

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