There are a couple of ways to check your Viasat data usage. The first way is to log into your Viasat account with your username and password at the customer portal online. On this page you should see a meter that displays your current data usage. You will see a graph that displays your total data allowance, how much data you’ve used, how much data you have left, and the percentage of data used during the current billing cycle. You will also find the option to purchase more data for whenever you are running low.

A second way to check your data usage is with the MyViasat app. Download MyViasat to your Apple or Android smartphone to check your data conveniently at any time. Another way to check your data on your phone is by choosing the text messaging service from Viasat. Through this service you can get information about your data and your monthly bill, buy extra data, reboot your modem, and change your installation, all through the ease of your existing text messaging service.

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