Get Help Now with CenturyLink Internet Outage

As rock-solid as CenturyLink’s service normally is, we understand that you are experiencing an internet outage today.

We have trained technicians working on the problem, and we have some tools to help determine if the internet outage now is something unique to you or is a more widespread problem.

First, you’ll want to view a real-time internet outage map today. Click on CenturyLink’s internet outage map to determine if your area is suffering from internet outages today.

If you find that your location is not indicated as “down,” the next step will be to check your connection using our convenient Service Troubleshooter Tool. Simply gather your CenturyLink account number or the phone number you have associated with your account, as well as your location’s ZIP code, and click on the CenturyLink Internet Service Troubleshooter.

Our CenturyLink Internet Service Troubleshooter Tool allows you to do the following actions:

If you want to be notified when the internet is temporarily not available in your area, simply sign up for our internet outage notification service for instantaneous communications from us to you.

If you weren’t able to get your questions answered using the above tools, we at CenturyLink would love to chat with you via our in-house messenger service. Please click this link to chat with our trained CenturyLink support staff: Chat with us!

We are here 24/7 to answer all your Internet Service Questions: