Can You Play Xbox on Viasat?

Yes, you can. But because of the way satellite internet technology works, satellite internet always comes with high latency (lag), even with fast download speeds. This means that playing single-player or turn-based games should be a normal experience with Viasat internet. However, playing games that require razor-sharp reaction speeds and instantaneous interactions with other players online, such as first-person shooters, may be a less than ideal experience due to ping rates of 700 milliseconds being standard for satellite internet.

These ping rates, or lag, is due to the extreme distances the internet signal must travel. Viasat satellites orbit the earth 22,000 miles away. That means every request from your Xbox travels 22,000 miles into space, then 22,000 miles back down to the ground network. The response is sent back to your Xbox along the same route. The fact that the latency is less than a single second is incredible, however it’s still long enough to negatively affect your experience in certain video game genres.

If trying to play a first-person shooter via satellite, what you see and the reality of what is happening may be different by an entire second or two. That’s a huge advantage for opponents using land-based internet services and a potentially frustrating experience for you.

Can You Play Xbox on Viasat Flex?

Yes! Viasat Flex combines the high speeds of Satellite internet with the low latency of DSL and is a great way to improve your Xbox experience. Viasat Flex technology automatically switches back and forth between DSL and satellite without you even noticing. This allows Viasat to adapt to your internet needs in real-time, giving you the speed and low latency you desire when you play Xbox. Viasat Flex is a great option for rural internet users to get the Xbox experience they desire. If you live in an area where Viasat Flex is available, you can add it to your existing Viasat service at no additional charge!* Call Viasat customer service today to see if Viasat Flex is available at your location.

*While Viasat Flex is currently available at no additional charge, this is subject to change in the future. If it changes, you will be notified well before any charges appear on your bill so that you may have the opportunity to change your Viasat services.

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