Can you pause your Starlink Subscription?

Yes, but no.

Let’s start with the “yes”. The subscription system that Starlink has created lends itself to being turned off and back on again. Many internet providers, especially satellite internet providers, tend to require a contract, usually 2 years, and cancelling those services can be very costly, usually hundreds of dollars. On top of that, those other providers will require that you return the equipment that you were leasing, making it impossible to restart your services.

Starlink has two features that make stopping and restarting the service possible. The first is that there is no contract. Canceling your subscription is easy to do and comes with no fees. And restarting will allow you to just pick up where you left off. The other feature is that with Starlink, you own the equipment. The $499 equipment fee in the beginning is quite hefty, but the satellite dish, modem, wires, and everything else is yours to keep. Cancelling your service won’t require you to return all that equipment.

Then there’s the “no”. Just because the service is set up in such a way that makes this possible, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do so right now. That’s because Starlink only has limited availability during its beta phase. People are having to sign up in advance and are getting put on a waiting list. If you cancel your service, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to restart as soon as you want to. As Starlink launches more satellites and broadens its service, there’s a possibility it’ll have better restartability. We’ll have to wait and see.

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